The Creative Pro Story

As a child I had at least 30 hair brushes. Seriously. Forget dolls, aside from the few that were victim to my endless hair styling, beauty tools were my thing. How could they not be? My father started Creative Pro Hair Tools when I was just a toddler. It wasn’t easy. He hustled. He worked seven days a week and his New York City apartment was basically a warehouse for the first several years. But he was fated to build this business. He has an uncanny ability to improve the design and durability of hair tools. Whatever was out there, he could build it better. Aside from being the ultimate creative thinker, he’s also an excellent listener. Stylists are his closest advisors. He understands the wear and tear of all day styling on both the stylist and the brush, the needs of various hair textures and how materials and shapes can be used to easily create desired hairstyles.

Today my father and I work as partners. With a passion for innovation and a commitment to quality, CP has earned a cult following. We use the best technology and, whenever possible, sustainable materials because we want to preserve our planet for the next generation. We also contribute to organizations like Tradeworks, to invest in the next generation of stylists, and Glamslam Productions, because we know feeling good about your hair can be totally transformative. 

These days, my daughter and newborn son are the family guinea pigs. Grandpa always shows up with a new brush to try out. Together we’ve designed a full product line that meets the high standards of professionals and the everyday needs of the whole family. Best of all- we manufacture and distribute our own products, so we’re able to offer quality at an affordable price. 

We are deeply grateful for your business and would love to hear from you. Customer feedback helps us get better everyday so tell us how your using our products and join our community! Follow us for styling tips and tag us in your photos. We want to see your creativity! 

Loren Klein

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