Pro Tutorials

Styling With Our Pro T-Curve Hair Brush

The Pro T-Curve's concave design brings hair towards the center of the brush, offering more control and tension for quicker dry time and a straighter finish. The contour of the brush also provides closer contact with the scalp, and the silver nano-coated ceramic speeds up blow-drying time. The heat-resistant nylon and boar bristle adds shine and smooths hair. Don’t need the curve? Take a look at the Pro-Triangle Brush.

Styling with our Azzuro Thermal Round Hair Brushes

Azzurro Thermal Hair Brushes feature a wooden handle covered with rubber for a soft, no-slip grip. Heat-resistant, professional nylon on an extended aluminum barrel provides tension that will help you create vibrant, long lasting curls in record-breaking time. Recommended for long hair.

Professional Quality Hair Brushes

Creative Professional hair brushes are made for -- and tested by -- hair care and salon professionals. Our durable and great-looking brushes are perfect for both the stylist and beauty maven alike -- an Allure magazine top pick! Try our complete line of hair brushes, hair combs and professional hot tools to get the hairstyles you see in the top magazines.

Styling with our Signature Classic Gold Hair Brush In Action

The Creative Classic Hair Brushes have it all: beauty, durability and functionality. This gold-plated brush will give you years of healthy brushing. Available in 100% natural or mixed-bristle. The added nylon bristles penetrate hair easily, stimulating the scalp and giving you complete control. Choose from Petite or Pocket sized.

Detangling With The Flex Brush

Want to stimulate the scalp, detangle hair, and blow dry? Well then this is your perfect brush! The Flex Brush bends to perfectly meet the contours of the scalp, which means you'll be massaging the head, promoting hair growth, and preventing breakage. Win, win and win! The vents allow heat to pass right on through the brush, so heat won't damage your brush. 

Create The Look You Want 

You can create any look your heart desires, as seen here with international fashion model Louisa Warwick, with professional quality Creative Professional products including the flex brush, classic brush, Nano brush and detangler complex


Veronica Lake Waves

Learn how to create three fashion forward and easy to style looks with the Creative Professional SCW-LS Styling Iron. This professional flat and styling iron is designed for professional use but available for retail purchase. It heats up very quickly and maintains a stable temperature which helps your curls and waves hold longer. 

Victoria's Secret Beach Waves 

In a few easy steps learn how to get that carefree California beach hair with Creative Hair Tools SCW-LS Styling Iron and Thermal Styling Spray. 

Creative Hair Tools Style with George Ortiz

Learn how to style & beautify hair with Creative Hair Tools Master Hairstylist George Ortiz. George uses our brushes and hair care products on Melissa, Cassandra, Dakota, and Laura for gorgeous Hollywood goddess looks and everyday go-to styles. George transforms these ladies from girls next door to girls who stand out.