How do I get more volume in my hair?

Fine or flat hair can make you feel like you are limited in hair style choices. This is not true. Using the right hair tools can make a difference. To get more volume when blow drying try our Pro Triangle brush. The 3 flat surfaces produce a smooth line through the hair. The round to flat alternating sides allow you to get closer to the scalp and create extra lift at the roots. Our Pro Thermal line is also great for creating volume when blow drying. For styling, our Botanical Clarifying Shampoo is sulfate- free and made from organic ingredients. The secret is the kiwi acids that cut through the build up and leave your hair fresh and revitalized. Use this in combination with our entire Protect Hair Care line, which is sulfate, sodium chloride and paraben-free. It is 100% safe to use on hair with Keratin Brazilian Straightening Treatments.

How do I clean my brushes?

You use your brushes daily and, if you're a pro, all day! You can clean your brushes using warm water and an anti-bacterial soap, dip (do not soak) natural bristles several times into the warm soapy water. Rinse brush with cool water. Let air dry. Side Note: Ceramic emits negative ions when heated and assists in breaking down bacteria build up.

How do I clean my hair from build up?

Hair styling products can leave residue causing you hair to look dull and drab. Even if you shampoo regularly you may not be able to get rid of all the buildup. Clarifying shampoos specifically designed to cut through the gunk are a worthwhile purchase. Our Protect Hair Care line will help keep your hair salon perfect. Our hair care lines are safe to use with any Keratin or Brazilian smoothing or straightening treatment.

What do I use to protect my hair while blow drying?

Those of us who want sleek, straight hair need to protect it from over-drying. The direct heat from a blow dryer can be very damaging. Couple that with a hot iron (which can reach temperatures as high as 500 degrees) and you are setting the stage for some serious damage. That's why you need a product to protect your hair form the direct heat. Our Thermal Styling Spray is sulfate free and made with botanical extracts. Finish with our French Argan Oil for better control of fly-away hair and frizz.

How do I get smooth and frizz free hair?

We have a love/hate relationship with our hair. We dye it, cut it, pull it straight, curl it tight and everything in between! With all that we do to it, how can we keep our hair looking sleek and shiny? Depending where you are on the hair spectrum, we have several tools for you to use. Our hair care products are made in smaller batches ensuring our botanical ingredients are infused at their peak. They won’t irate the scalp, flake or build-up on your hair. For chemically treated hair, we recommend our French Argan Oil Treatment. It is a deep-penetrating, light weight oil that is instantly absorbs into the hair, producing shiny, rizz-free hair. Take a look at all of our hair care products for your best match.