Increase Your Revenue With Retail Sales At Your Salon

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Most stylists didn’t get into the business to sell hair products. If you are like many, you love doing hair and you enjoy helping your clients look and feel their best. Selling retail can feel like a chore and feel like a point of contention with you, the other stylists, and the salon owner. However, selling product and styling tools can be lucrative — even beyond the possible commission. 

Today, we are going to look into why selling retail at your salon is important and how to do it successfully.  

Retail Sales Can Expand Your Clientele

Whether or not those buying the product were clients already or just happened to come into your salon to buy that specific product, it is likely that the client will frequent your salon again. If someone is already a client, it will strengthen their loyalty to your salon; someone who had just visited to buy retail may also be looking for a new salon or may enjoy their visit so much, that they may schedule a service. Getting someone in the doors of your salon is a large part of the battle for gaining clientele, and retailing product can keep clients coming through the doors. 

Educate Rather Than Sell 

No matter if you have been seeing your client for years and you know most of their personal details or you just met your client, it can be difficult to transition a conversation into a sales opportunity. Instead of focusing on selling the product, think about educating your client — helping them find the right product or the perfect brush for their hair type. Part of what stylists do is teach our clients how to care for their hair, maintain their color, and style their hair at home. Simply use the product or styling tool as a teaching moment to show your client how it could help them better style their hair or how it can promote better hair health.  

Don’t Forget the Consultation

Depending on how the conversation began or if the client took the initiative to ask about a specific product, don’t forget to provide a consultation. Often clients may think they have found the cure-all product for their hair woes but actually have missed the mark. When talking about a product with a client, ask them questions about their hair needs and what they hope the product will help them accomplish. Additionally, be sure to show them how to use it so they can get the most out of it at home.   

Focus on Go-To Products

If you aren’t sure where to start or even what products to introduce to your clients, choosing a few go-to products can help you get started. These go-to products can be ones that you wish to sell to your clients all year long, or they can be seasonally focused. For example, with summer around the corner, focus on selling products that will help to protect your client’s hair from harmful UV rays or chlorine, or provide products that can make styling in the summer heat easy! 

 To check out some of our favorite products be sure to shop our eco-friendly, wood boar bristle brushes — your clients are sure to love them! 

 No matter if you have been doing hair for a long time or just starting your career, selling product effectively takes practice — and good quality products that you can stand behind. 

To read more insightful posts, check out our blog and be sure to shop Creative Hair Tools for retail and wholesaling opportunities! We offer high-quality products such as our eco-friendly natural boar bristle brushes that your clients will love. Shop our full inventory online!

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