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Photo Credit - Girl wearing mittensWinter is in full swing here in New York, where we’ve been getting plenty of snow over the past few weeks. Dry, harsh conditions can take a toll on your hair, causing static and flyaways. Don’t let this happen to you! By taking these three smart steps, you can keep your hair healthy and lush all season long.

1. Keep your hair hydrated, shiny and healthy

Beauty experts advise moisturizing your skin extra carefully during the winter months, and your hair requires just as much loving attention. Our Soy Hydrating Hair Wash and Soy Hydrating Conditioner carry moisture and protein directly into your hair, making it easier to style while lending it extra shine and body. At a time of year when hair begins to look lackluster and feel flat, this can give your tresses a much-needed boost without weighing them down. Consider including a weekly treatment in your hair care regimen such as our French Argan Oil Restorative Mask, which penetrates your hair with both argan oil and shea butter to rebuild your hair’s strength, restore its elasticity, and hydrate it fully regardless of whether it is dry or damaged.

2. Detangle, de-frizz and create volume

Before styling, make sure to use a detangler to avoid snags and tangles that could further damage your hair, especially if it is brittle from the winter weather. Our leave-in Detangling Complex conditions your hair while adding body and shine as it protects the cuticle. Just spritz your brush or your hair before styling and you’ll have worry-free, healthy strands with built-in protection from the harsh conditions outside. Consider using a brush like our Classic Pocket Styler Mixed Bristle to do a little light back-coming and add volume to the top of your hair, preventing that flat “hat hair” look we all try to avoid this time of year. Finish it off with our Firm Hold Styling and Finishing Spray to lock in the style and add a bit of shine.

3. Protect your hair from the elements

If you’re going out, an elegant updo can be a good way to protect your hair from the elements. Trendy hairstyles such as buns, topknots, and braids often call for dry shampoo to add volume and texture. Our Dry Shampoo does just that and more, renewing your hair and revitalizing it in the process. If you’re in a rush and pressed for time, an attractive hair clip like our Tortoise shell Claw Clip with Swarovski crystals will help you quickly create a simple updo while keeping your hair safe from gusts of wind. When wearing a hat, consider the materials. It’s best to opt for a loose fitting hat that has a silk lining or is made from cotton or cashmere. Natural fabrics generally create less static and issues for your hair than synthetics. If you take care to adequately moisturize and protect your hair as part of your daily routine, you’ll enjoy healthy, shiny hair that is both beautiful and easy to manage, no matter the season.

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